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Interviews Dos And Donts

Having a interview lined up, be prepared to give your best


  1. Research

    It is very essential to research and have an advance idea about the company operations, main product & services, management team etc. The research will assist in understanding the company and what can be possible requirements for the job profile.

  2. Wear the right outfit

    On the day of interview be neatly groomed and dressed.

  3. Reach before time

    Reach the location 10-15 prior as you might be required to conduct certain formalities.

  4. Carry your resume and important certificates

    Carry multiple copies of resume and important certificates as the interviewer might review them during the interview.

  5. Be courteous

    Be courteous and respectful to the people you meet as your behavior can be considered during your recommendations and feedbacks.

  6. Do have a friendly expression

    During the interview, maintain a friendly expression as it will make the interviewer comfortable while interviewing you.

  7. Be attentive

    Be attentive to interviewer questions and understand the question clearly before answering the interviewer. Take few minutes to think and then answer the question accordingly.

  8. Be straight and clear

    It is important to be straight and clear while answering questions as it will give an impression of you being comprehensible and focused in your mind.

  9. Be positive

    for any interview it is significant to be positive as sometimes more than your qualifications your optimistic approach might get you a job.


  1. Be late

    Being late for the interview can give an impression of unseriousness towards work and job.

  2. Present weak body language

    Be conscious of what you’re presenting to the interviewer. Slouchy walking style, relaxed sitting posture, inadequate eye contact, fumbling and being timid while answering questions will present a weak personality to the interviewer.

  3. Be Negative

    During the interview, never express bad feelings about your last job or last boss as it highlights the unprofessionalism within you.

  4. Being inquisitive

    Avoid being inquisitive about your salary package, bonus, vacations or other benefits extended by the company. The discussions about such questions can be inquired during the time of offer.

  5. Falsify Things

    Never lie to interviewer. Answer all the questions with honesty, truthfulness and succinctly.